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About Our St. Louis Coffee Company

Our History

Clipper Coffee Company is the result of three generations of dedication to coffee with a smooth finish that lingers long after the last drop. Our humble beginnings trace back to 1930 when Isaac “Ike” Rose opened Rose’s Coffee Co. in our very own St. Louis neighborhood. His step-son Joseph Charleville—who was also raised with a deep appreciation for the craft— eventually took over the coffee company until 1977 when he sold it to a competitor.

A few years later, Joseph Charleville put his expertise and passion for coffee into a new venture: Chauvin Coffee Co. He roasted the first beans of the new company in 1984 alongside his son, the late Dave Charleville.

That same year it became clear to our current owner, Tom Charleville, that he was destined to carve his own place in the St. Louis coffee industry – so he built Thomas Coffee Co. and brought the joy and warmth of a fresh cup of coffee to St. Louis for 25 years.

“I now am proud to introduce Clipper Coffee. A new coffee that roots from over 100 years and 3 generations of family owned and operated coffee companies – all based in St. Louis, Missouri.
Enjoy the experience.”

Tom Charleville

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From Our Coffee-Loving Family To Yours

Ever since we delicately roasted that first bean, our passion has been to create memorable experiences wherever our coffee is served in St. Louis and beyond. We love bringing our fresh blend to coffee enthusiasts and novices alike, because every handcrafted batch of Clipper Coffee allows anyone to be a coffee connoisseur.

Our blends are carefully tested for adherence to our uncompromising standards— sometimes at our family’s very own kitchen table.

We’d like you to be one of the family too! Clipper Coffee Company’s community continues to proudly grow every day with each can sold. Join our coffee family now!

“The Champagne of Coffees” – More About Our European Standard Quality Ground and Whole Bean Coffee

Clipper Coffee is European standard quality, which means our beans are sourced from around the world and blended together for the best possible flavor, season-to-season and year-to-year.

In their journey from the tree to the cup, our handpicked ground and whole coffee beans pass through the hands of many people before being transformed into the exquisite blend before you today. Our focus is to create relationships with farms all over the world rooted in understanding, skill, and mutual respect.

Cultivating a direct relationship with many of our growers ensures the shortest line of supply from us to the finest globally-produced beans that have all of the best qualities each country has to offer.

Clipper CoffeeClipper Coffee Blend Components:

  • 2 Costa Rican – Costa Rica’s near perfect growing conditions and rich volcanic soils play an integral part in the growth process. The results are beans that have bright, full-bodied flavour profiles with a smoky & nutty hint.
  • 1 Guatemalan – Guatemala’s varied climate and remote mountainous altitude requires extreme care during cultivation, an act which certainly shows in the distinct profile of the coffee beans. Guatemalan beans are rich, aromatic, and some people often describe them as having a chocolatey taste.
  • 1 Colombian – Perhaps one of the first countries that jumps to a coffee lover’s mind, Colombia remains a coffee giant because of its high altitudes and warm weather. These milder coffee beans have a medium body, distinctive character, and are low in acidity.

All of these combine to create a one-of-a-kind blend that is more than just coffee, it’s an experience. We are very proud of the quality we have achieved! You’ll notice an almost floral aroma.

Clipper Coffee Company is Everywhere – Buy Yours Online Now!

We are proud to offer our ground and whole bean coffee online without ever compromising our promise to deliver only fresh products every time . Please explore all of our options!

At Clipper Coffee Company, we are passionate about crafting coffee in our family’s three generations of tradition. From careful cultivation to refined preparation, Clipper Coffee pushes the boundaries of flavor with every cup.

We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think or order your coffee beans today by contacting our customer service department at (314) 630-6666.